About “books for breakfast”

Something I’ve noticed about the book blogging/vlogging community is that there is a high concentration of individuals that review or discuss Fiction books, specifically Young Adult. I was happy to see this. It means there is room for me.

I love books, but I’m more interested in things that are true and real rather than fictional stories. I saw this void in the community and wanted to fill it. That’s why I’ve started the “books for breakfast” WordPress, Tumblr, and YouTube. The “books for breakfast” blogs and YouTube channel will focus on reviewing books with subject matter related to History, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics and Finance. I will read Fiction books if there are undertones of the Philosophy or Economics sort, which quite frankly happens a lot. So, I will dabble in Fiction from time to time. If there is something you would like to request that I read or discuss, please let me know through an email or comment. I will do my absolute best to fulfill the request.

About Me

I currently live in Southern Illinois and have recently graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a B.S. in Finance and specialization in Investments. I love to read and learn. After going to school for 17 years, it is time for me to take my education seriously and do some major reading. One day I will have my own business, but until then I’m exploring my options as to what exactly I want to do with my life.

I am a voluntaryist and an atheist. I would describe myself as an uncompromising rationalist and brutally honest. I’m very interested in the Liberty movement and Austrian Economics (and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Economics of Austria).

I have been pretty lucky to have met some of the famous individuals within the Liberty movement throughout my involvement including: Jeffrey Tucker, Douglas French, Walter Block, Thomas DiLorenzo, Thomas Woods, Robert Murphy, Jorg Guido Hulsmann, Robert Higgs, Peter Klein, Roderick Long, Lew Rockwell, Stefan Molyneux, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe. I look forward to meeting all of the others, as well. My mind will be forever thinking about the ideas of liberty and my body putting goals into action in an effort to cause growth in human freedom.

With that said, I read anything related to History, Philosophy, Finance, Psychology, and Economics with a dash of Fiction, as you might have guessed. I’m very new to the book blogging scene and am currently setting everything up. I will be launching the “books for breakfast” blog the first of September. I look forward to communicating with everyone!


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